Cuti Cuti Kelantan

Cuti Cuti Kelantan
Cuti Cuti Kelantan

Pembelian Runcit/Retail

Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi Tudung-Chantique. Kami menjual pelbagai jenis Tudung Bawal No.1/Japanese Voile dari Kelantan pada harga berpatutan. Sila kunjungi dari masa ke semasa untuk melihat koleksi terbaru.

  1. Choose your choice of Tudung.
  2.  You can either :
    1. email/sms all the details such as Product ID (code), Quantity, Total/Date Paid and Address OR
    2. Fill in the Pre-Order form here
  3. We will contact you within 24hours for confirmation through email/sms
  4. Once confirmed,bank account will be given for payment/booking.


For booking,a deposit RM10-20 is needed. Payment need to be made within 3 days.If not,the items will be open & the deposit will not be returned.Please contact us if customer need further extension


To request,a deposit RM10-20 is needed. Once the item ready,payment need to be made within 3 days .As above.


Goods will be delivered using POSLAJU/EXPRESS Peninsular Malaysia - RM 6/4 Sabah / Sarawak - RM 9/4 * Delivery time frame within 1-3 working days for Peninsular M'sia *3- 4 working days for Sabah & Sarawak.

*We do shipped international.Please Contact Us further.